Using Music to explore science

This is your mind and body. This is music. This is your mind and body on music. Dr. Richard Karpen is an artist first, but his insatiable desire to explore how the mind and body express themselves “on music” is resulting in trailblazing research, which could have a lasting impact on composition, performance and even wellness. Though this was the thrust of our conversation, we discussed a wide range of things relating to composition, performance and the importance of music study.

Estonia’s Eiffel Tower

In the long tradition of piano making, when great piano brands take generations to establish themselves, Indrek Laul, owner of the Estonia Piano Company, has taken only about 20 years to fulfill his vision of transforming Estonia pianos into some of America’s favorite European pianos today.

Beyond the Score

André Mehmari is one of Brazil’s most talented musicians, having won Brazil’s top awards both for classical and popular music. His ability to express himself profoundly in both idioms makes him one of the truly great musicians of the world. André took time to chat with us about his life and background, his philosophical approach to music and his many exciting projects. André opens up the podcast with a few minutes of music from a trio recording he made at age 20, which won Brazil’s top award for popular music. Tune in and enjoy!

Mrs. Dean couldn’t impede the dream

Shane Adams, ground-breaking songwriter, lecturer, two-time GRAMMY-nominated music educator, pianist, producer and President of Artist Accelerator, shares his inspiring dream-chasing adventure from student till now. He offers some great advice to students along the way! Please bear with the audio between the 6 and 7-minute mark!

Dr. Steven Lagerberg gets to the heart of the matter!

After years of painstaking research, Dr. Steven Lagerberg has been credited with solving the great mystery of Chopin’s illness and death. His commentary was so engaging, we forgot to specify during the interview what Chopin’s illness actually was! It was Tuberculous pericarditis, causing his heart to fail. Don’t worry; that’s not a spoiler! Tune in and enjoy!

Salman Meets Horowitz

Concert pianist, Mark Salman, recounts his unforgettable story of meeting Vladimir Horowitz, arguably the greatest classical pianist of the Twentieth Century. Not only did Mark meet Horowitz personally, but he also was invited to the Horowitz home to play for Horowitz in his NY apartment!

Finding Your Lane

People often begin their journeys in the music business by learning to play instruments as kids. Sometimes an undergraduate performance degree can seem like a dead-end, with few professional options ahead. But, if you want to pursue a music career, and if you can evaluate yourself honestly, maybe your own lane will emerge as you focus on your strengths. Bonnie Barrett, Director of Yamaha Artist Services in NY, shares her unique journey in the industry.