Month: December 2019

Get Ready to Explore Music with Lisa Bergman

If you love music, working in the music business can be a dream. But, you’ve got to love it. And, success can be elusive, even if you do love it. So, how do we get there? Is it just luck? Do we need to be über-talented? Talent helps, but being people-savvy is key. Award-winning classical radio host, creator of the Explore Music program on KING-FM and concert pianist, Lisa Bergman, shares her story. This episode is a must for aspiring professional musicians!

Quick editorial note: We had a few minor audio issues! At 4:29, the phrase spoken was “in-house accompanist.”

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Michael Kaeshammer’s Journey: Germany, Canada, New Orleans, China and Deep Inside

This is a great story about doing what you love and finding purpose. A great pianist, producer and writer, BC-based Michael Kaeshammer has always been awarded for his immense talent, but his meaning in life took him by surprise in New Orleans when he simply was asked during a gig, ” Why are you here?” That question changed everything.

A quick editorial note: during the show it was said that Michael relocated from Canada to BC. Obviously, that was misspoken. He relocated from Germany to BC, Canada.

Show notes: